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Opie Effects from photo:

Julian Opie, who is a British artist, is a foremost figure in modern computerized art. One of his most famous works in the contemporary art style is the album cover for These simple but extremely effective cartoons with simple backgrounds make any portrait into an entertaining and contemporary piece of art. These portraits distil the face down to the simplest of lines and the soothing flat
colors are then used to fill the canvas with color.

The Opie effects style involves a very specific kind of photograph to work really well. A passport-style photo with the individual's head and shoulders that is taking up most of the frame is really perfect. It is also significant that they must have their mouth closed and that the picture is taken head-on, from the same level as the subject. The Opie effects style is all about the shape of the face. In case if the mouth is open, or the picture is taken from an angle, then this has the effect of altering the shape of the face and the portrait just does not work too! The perfect photo for this style is given below. You can see, it is not really a great shot of the person, but for this style it works very well.

Select your picture and choose any of our print or frame options consisting of framed prints and canvas prints. Just upload your picture to start your order and get your cost for the picture. As soon as you have placed the order and the drawing is complete we will then send you a proof of e-mail for your approval before printing. You can also adjust the image as per your requirement, for example, if you wish to adjust the color you can always do so and we can work with it accordingly.

Tips for your Photo:

The shots that are taken with a clear face works well for a portrait.
Dark images or even poor quality photos can be transformed.
Generally, a suitable finish is a canvas print.
Large prints make enormous impact.

You have Selected this style for your photo/s and Ordering process for this style as follows:

Ordering process of prepering Portrait is very simple just follow the 1-9 followings STEPS...

Selecting Style of Art

You have selected Opie Effects Style and please go for the 2nd STEP,

If you like this Opie Effects style of art work, please go for the 2nd STEP to send your photo to us via email or upload option or by courier/post. Please let us know if you face any problems when you send the photo to us, we will help you.

Upload your Quality photo

To make perfect Portrait drawings for your photo, we need good quality of photo with high details and please make sure the photo without blurs effects.

How to select Quality photos?

First-class, sharp pictures make more detailed results hence make use of a good quality camera and high quality settings, a tripod or similar steady surface aids to avoid blurring. Canvases will appear much like painted oil portraits but any print option is suitable! The standard subject matters are the Pets and People and these work fine in sets or by themselves.

Upload your good quality photos click BROWSE and then select from you computer or Email us the photo to (We will get back to you via email, if your photo is not a quality photo to make the Portrait)

Upload your Quality Photo for Pop Art or Print On Canvas

If you have multiple photos, please mail us or if you have photos on your own server or facebook or flickr or twitter etc., just send the photo link to our email id and we will download the file here.

Payments for the Art Works

Make the payment for the art work, You can make the payment via Paypal or Credit Cards (Master/Visa/Maestro cards are accepted) or Other payments opton also aviliable for you convient.

Total Cost for CanvasSize +Design +Print +Frame +Delivery
Select Frames
Special notes to the artists

Click here for other Payment Option, if you need

Email us your Delivery Address and Special Instructions to the Artists

You can send you the special instructions to the artists, so artists can know your expectation on the photos when he make the Portrait, or you can leave up to the artist point of view.

Your process is completed

Your process is completed,

Drawing Portrait from your photo

Here after we will start the art work process for your photo based on the selected style of design.

Preview of the art work

kindly wait for 3-7 days to see the proof of design for your order, we will email you the designs proof. If you satisfy with the designs proof, we will take the design with next step of processing of printing on the canvas ...

Printing on Canvas

We will print the design on the quality canvas with you selected sizes.

Packing and Delivery

The printed canvas will be well packed and deliver the art work to your given deliver address by the way of post, We can also process to send courier in DHL, Fedex which you prepered services which cost you little more, but will delivered fast...


Your Valuable feedback is must to enchance our Quality of services...

Price list for Canvas Prints for
Julian Opie style
Canvas Size in (inches)
Width x Height
Canvas Size in (cm)
Width x Height
Portrait Price stretched canvas (all incluesive of design,
Canvas Print, Framing,
VAT, Delivery Charges)
12 x 12
30 x 30
12 x 18
30 x 45
18 x 18
45 x 45
18 x 24
45 x 60
24 x 24
60 x 60
24 x 30
60 x 75
30 x 36
75 x 90
36 x 36
90 x 90
Opie Effects Art Style
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Click here and Select the following the style that you like for your photo and click more details about the size, prices.

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