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FAQ - Freguenty Asked Questions:

FAQs on Pop Art Canvas

General questions

About the canvases


What type of picture do we need to work from?

We have placed a guide for you to choose the correct picture in order to help you in selecting your photos. Examples on the types of photos that make great portraits are found in our website so that it is easy for you to choose the photos. The fundamental rule is that the better the picture we get from you, the better will be the end result.

What happens if your photograph that you send in is unsuitable?

Once you place the order for your pop art canvas, we would persuade you to send in either by post or upload the photos or email a number of pictures. At times it is hard to judge whether a picture will work, therefore if you are hesitant about your photo, then do not hesitate to send it in for us to take a look at the photo. Ultimately, the right person to judge whether the photo is suitable for a portrait is actually the artist. Ahead of starting the art work, we will discuss about the different pictures with you and only start work once we are satisfied that we have a picture that we can work with and you are contented for us to work with that photograph.

What can be the size of the portrait?

In most of our styles, the starting size is 40cm x 40cm, but our recommended size is 80cm x 80cm and we have a maximum printable width of 110cm. By looking at our custom portraits price guide page you can get an idea of the difference in price.


Is it possible to make any modifications to the portrait once the artist has done it?

You definitely can. During the draft stage of the portrait, we will discuss with you using a draft version of your picture, explaining how it would appear with your selected color combination. We will also show you various other color combinations that you might like to consider. At that time you can provide us your opinion on the picture and any alterations that you would like can be done which could be as easy as wanting to modify some colors, or you may feel that a particular area of the portrait is not quite right. Anyway the artist will make any alterations required and we will send you a modified version of the portrait. Just when you are completely contented with the image will we move on to the next step and actually make the canvas.

Before selecting can I see my pop art picture in various color combinations?

Yes, of course this can be done. All our pop art style portraits are produced by a graphic artist and yes we can explain you if you want to see the color variations in your picture prior to producing the portrait.

General questions:

Why do you take a 100% down payment?

Since we have to offer a lot of time in producing each and every single portrait, we take a 100% down payment which shows your commitment to the project to produce the best portraits possible.

How do the artists produce the portraits?

Each and every portrait may take up to 15 hours to complete and will include various different techniques that depends on the technique and the way that the particular artist works. Most of the styles except the oil portraits and the pet oil paintings are done by Illustrators and Graphic artists. We have artists who paint our oil portraits one specializing in pets and the other in people.

Do you have a gallery that I can come and visit?

Yes we have gallery to show the different kinds of modern arts illustration so that you can have a better idea of our piece of art work.

  • Why should I select Creative Excellence?

    Our answer to you will be hard work from our incredible artists. We have an exceptional set of artists who are very capable of producing excellent piece of art work which is evident from their way of producing the top quality portraits. So in order to create a portrait of good quality all you need is a great artist of producing it and therefore it is the best choice for you to select Creative Excellence.

    Outstanding Work:

    We have artists who are some of the top digital ar tists, illustrators and graphic artists in the country.

    Each and every of our portraits takes up to 15-25 hours to be produced and this depends on the style.

    What makes our portraits so outstanding is this investment in time and skill.

    Take a look at our gallery of modern portrait styles, which will demonstrate you what the artwork will look like when reproduced at full size.

    By looking at our gallery you can see our quality of art work.

    We use only the highest quality materials for your portraits and the method we employ to frame and pack your portrait, everything we do is of top quality only.

    Customer Feedback

    This is a business driven mainly by recommendation, so it is in our importance to deliver only the very best work and we are very aware of that. But there is no necessity to just take our word for it hence check out what our customers have said about us.

How do you ensure that our portrait reaches us safely?

In order to make sure that your portrait reaches you in ideal condition, we take immense care in packing it up. See the pictures below to notice this process in action. This portrait was actually being sent to Hong Kong.


How is the pop art portraits delivered

Our online ordering tool will provide you the cost of delivery for your chosen size and destination when you let us know the details of what you are after. Therefore all you need to do is talk with us about your requirements on the portrait and after discussing all your necessities we will be able to deliver you your portrait..

Shipping and Delivery:

1. We are shipping world wide.

2. We ready to deliver your portraits to your doorstep.

3. Our shipping will be via India post that is Express mail service, but if you prefer any other shipping like UDHL, PS, FedEx, please contact us for the precise shipping costs.

4. The recipient is responsible for any custom, duty and/or brokerage fees related to the delivery of your package. Custom policies differ extensively from country to country and we have no control over these charges and cannot predict it.

If these charges are not collected at time of delivery, we reserve the right to compensate the collector straight away and charge the rates to your account.


Pop Art Gallery
Select the following the style
that you like for your photo and click more details about the size, prices.

WOW Illustration
opie style
WOW-Pop-art-Illustration-from-Zukerburg-photo-Facebook Opie-effects-from-photo
lichenstein style
B/W Illustration
Lichentien-pop-part-from-photo Black-and-White-Illustration-from-your-photo-Sivaji-Actor
warhol style
Pet graphicStyle
Warhol-pop-art-from-photo1 Pet-Graphic-Styles-pop-part-from-photo
Che style
silhoutte style
Che-guevara-pop-art-from-photo1 Silhouette-art-from-photo
obama style
graffiti style
Obama-Style-pop-part-from-photo Graffiti-pop-part-from-ajith-photo
RED Illustration
Color Illustration
RED-Illustration-Styles-Pop-part-from-photo1 Illustration-Style-Pop-part-from-photo
Cubisum style
CubisumStyle-pop-part-from-photo Hi-Graphic-Style-art-from-photo1
Wall graffiti style
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Select the following the style that you like for your photo and click more details about the size, prices.
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